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How to use ChatPath to generate more leads and accelerate sales

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An Ideal Solution For Capturing Leads And Closing More Sales

“ChatPath was incredibly simple to set up and get started. In the first month of use, ChatPath delivered $38 in new revenue for each $1 spent. We boosted our lead response time thanks to ChatPath’s notification system and now respond to inquiries immediately. My only regret is not using ChatPath sooner! I highly recommend ChatPath to other businesses looking to capture and convert more leads."

Amy Furhman, Craig Cares


Jeff Cole


Billy Grokenberger

Customer Success

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Here's What You'll Learn On The Demo:

Why messaging can become your most important sales channel

How to use ChatPath to turn your existing website into a lead generation machine

How to set up your AI-driven virtual sales assistant with your script and calls to action

How to boost your lead response time with ChatPath's automatic lead routing and notification features

How to integrate ChatPath with your CRM and other applications

Jump in and we'll show you how ChatPath helps businesses generate over 50% more leads